CNCo sponsors Singaporean Engineering Management Trainee

CNCo has pledged its support for the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) ONE (Outreach NEtwork)scholarship programme for the first time this year and is sponsoring Ms Chea Wei Ping (Dephne) for her two years’ Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Marine Engineering. This is a joint programme run by Newcastle University; taken locally at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore but with one term spent in Newcastle in Northern England.

At her interview Dephne was excited to be studying engineering and potentially joining CNCo, whilst displaying all the values of Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, Humility, Endeavour and Continuity that we were looking for. She also reported that she had really enjoyed the experience of a term in Newcastle/UK.

CNCo is supporting this programme as it is seeking to:

  • invest in the future of Singapore by supporting education of our youth
  • support the growth of Singapore as a world class Maritime Cluster
  • develop a local management cadre as an integral part of our internal succession planning

We welcome the SMFONE programmeas a means of identifying dedicated young Singaporeans and introducing them to the first rung of the management ladder in an important sector for the local economy. We sincerely hope that Dephne enjoys her time in CNCo.