PT Mitra Bahtera Segarasejati

MBSS is one of Indonesia’s leading integrated service provider of sea logistic and transshipment focusing in natural resources and bulk materials. Through effective plan and implementation of a sound strategy, in 2012 MBSS was able to strengthen its position and recorded the business growth, despite the global economic crisis. MBSS services range from material handling to transportation of the bulk materials by using our barging fleets from loading port to unloading port as well as from loading port to anchorage point where the coal to be transshipped to the mother vessel using MBSS’s floating crane. This was achieved through expertise enhancement in energy infrastructure, specifically in sea logistic and transshipment.

PT MITRA SWIRE CTM [MSC] is an Indonesian JV between PT MITRA BAHTERA SEGARASEJATI [MBSS] and SCBL. The partnership was established in 2008 to synergize SCBL’s worldwide experience in the off shore logistics sector with MBSS' Indonesian expertise in providing integrated logistic services to the Indonesian mining industry. MSC services include off-shore transshipment facilities (floating cranes, floating terminals), tailor made barges for coal transportation and customized solutions for domestic transport. MSC owns and operates the floating crane Princesse Abby and the floating transfer unit Princesse Chloe.